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Hydrocarbon Provinces in Mediterranean & North Africa
A Palinspastic Reconstruction of Southern Tunisia: Multiphase Tethyan Rifting, Paleogeographic Inheritance and Petroleum Systems
A. Zaafouri*, M. A. Ghanmi, D. Mahmoudi, S. Haddad, H. Gabtni, B. Miled, S. Tlig
Petroleum Basin Modeling of the Middle Jurassic Series in Central Tunisia, Ali Ben Khalifa Area: Burial History, Thermal Maturity and Timing of Generation
S. Kraouia*, A. M. El Asmi, M. Saidi
Offshore Levant Basin: A Comprehensive Geological Model for Petroleum Systems, and Hydrocarbon Accumulation along the Platform Margin of Israel and Lebanon
A. O. Cobley*
Hydrocarbon Potentiality of the Upper Campanian G1-71 Reservoir in Beda Platform, Concession 71, South-Central Sirt Basin, Libya
M. A Haman*, H. K Hamed
Integrated Seismic Interpretation of Cenomanian Reef Buildups, Contribution of Seismic Attributes. Pelagian Basin, Offshore Tunisia
E. Melki*, M. W. Boudegga, A. Amiri
The Impact of Diagenetic Constituents on Reservoir Quality of Tahara Sandstones in Gullebi Field, Concession Nc7a, Ghadames Basin, NW Libya
O. B. Elfigih*, S. R. Balmshkan
Deep-Water Depositional Architecture to the Late Aptian Shiftfrom Carbonate to Siliciclastic Deposition: Offshore Senegal, NW Africa
S. D. Coskun*, G. Calvés, J. Redfern
An Integrated Geological and Geophysical Approach to Predict the Reservoir Characteristics of the Silurian in the Shalbia-1 Exploration Well, Tunisia, Ghadames Basin
W. Alouani*, N. Ayari, D. Kebaier, A. Saadi, M. Bierbaumer, M. A. Bounasri, A. H. Ben Salem
CarbMed GIS: A GIS Project for the Petroleum Geology of Mediterranean Carbonates
C. Ricci*, G. Rusciadelli, P. R. Shiner
Hydrocarbon Potential of the Paleogene Chalky Limestone Successions in NE Libya
H. Elwerfalli*, S. K. Ebaidi
Seismic Reflection Data: Identification of Reef Versus Volcanic Intrusion in the Tunisian Pelagian Platform During Cretaceous
N. Miloudi*, A. Hedfi, A. Bachellaoui
Exploration in the North African Triassic Plays
J. Gyongyver Fischer, S. Nassif, C. Ruchonnet, E.Schmid*
Sidi El Kilani Oil Field from Kairouan Basin, Central Eastern Tunisia: Structural Evolution, Impact on Trap Formation and Reservoir Development
F. Khemiri*, G. Laouini
Delinate of Middle Devonian Aouinet Ouenine F3 Sand by Using Petrophysical and Sedimetological Analysis in South Wafa Field, Ghadames Basin,Libya
M. A. Abduhafid*, O. Hlal, I. Alosta, M. Targhi
Petroleum Geochemistry of Source Rocks and Crude Oils in Cyrenaica Basin NE Libya
R. Elojaly*, O. R. Shaltami, F. F. Fares, F. M. El Oshebi, M. S. Aljazwi, A. A. Rhouma
Assessment of Low Resistivity Pay of Lower Acacus Reservoir, Northern Ghadamis Basin, NW Libya
A. Elmasli*, I. Mohamed
Depositional Environments and Structure Evolution of the Lower Akakus Formation, Area 47, North Hamada Field, Ghadames Basin, NW Libya
N. Fello*
Source Rock Potential and Depositional Environment of Late Albian, Mouelha Member and their Relationship to Crude Oils and Oil Seeps Tunisia
A. B. Mohamed, I. Bouazizi*, F. Benhamdene, M. Saidi, M. V.
Aptian Play Attributes in Pelagian Platform Basin, Central-East Tunisia.
M. Harzali*, A. Guizani, H. Troudi
Potential Giant Fields Still Exist in the Onshore Sirt Basin, Recent Nubian Discoveries as an Example
M. Baair*, A. Aziz
Unlocking Source Rock Potential in the Sicily Channel Based on a Regional Integrated Study and Petroleum System Assessment
A. Ricciato*, E. Battara, R. D. Cuia, O. Schenk, O. Shtukert, C. Silenziario
Integrated Geophysical, Geological and Petrophysical Data to Study the Middle Devonian Aouinet Ouenine F3 Sand Reservoir in Al Wafa Field Ghadames Basin, North-West
M. A. Soltan*, M. S. Hrouda
Biostratigraphy of Early Paleogene / Late Cretaceous Boundary in Offshore Well A1-18/01, Sabrata Basin, NW Libya
A. A. El Mehaghag*, A. Muftah, A.E. Mehdawi, K. Ashahomi
Sedimentary Basin Geodynamics
Offshore Cyrenaica High Resolution Bathymetry Analysis: New Revelations Using WWII Technology
A. Amer, S. El Ekhfifi*, K. Amrouni
The Geodynamics of the Atlantic Sedimentary Basin
L. Cisse*
Architecture and Kinematics of the Talemzane Arch, North Africa
R. Charton*, P. Olivier, R. Dixon, J. L. Kennedy, L. Bulotlfremer, G. Bertotti, J. Redfern
Unconventional Hydrocarbon Plays
Shale Gas Sweet Spots of the Silurian Hot Shale in Ghadames Basin, North Africa
K. Albriki*, F. Wang, M. Li, R. El Zaroug, A. Ali, G. Aliyeva, M. Abioui, M. Samba, M. Hassan
Unconventional Shale Resource System Characteristics of Albian Series in Northern Tunisia
R. Talbi*, D. R. Beti, R. Levey
Petrographic Evaluation of Oil Shales Existence through Wadi Ad Dharwa Area in the Eastern Part of Jordan
N. S. Almasalha*
Salt Related Plays
The Gulf of Gabes under the Effects of Salt Tectonics and Alpine Compressions
O. B. Abid*, J. A. Ouali, A. Mahroug, B.S. Nouali, A. Lafi
Structural Styles of Poly-Phase Triassic Halokinetic and Thrust Tectonic in the Sahel Block: Implication on Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
A. Nasri*, F. El Ferhi, A. Boulares
Peri-Mediterranean Thrust Plays
Thrust-Belt-Foreland Tectonic Domains Differences from North to South in the Adriatic Province and HC Exploration Impact Assessment
P. Pace, A. Ricciato*, E. Battara
Advances in Geophysics
Reservoir Characterization and Volumetric Assessment of the El Gueria Formation using Seismic Attributes: Case Study of a Field from the Gulf of Gabes, Southeastern Tunisia
N. Kharbachi*, A. M. El Asmi, D. Bouthaina
Quantitative Interpretation of Clastic Reservoirs Applied to a Case Study in Tunisian South Chott Basin
O. Jedidi*, S. Ouahchi, A. Guizani
Hölderian Regularity-Based Seismic Attributes: A Case Study Taken from Algerian Field Data
S. Gaci*, M. Farfour
Advances in Borehole Integrity
BBT Field Development Optimization - The Use of High Performance (Polyamine) Water Base Mud for Optimum Drilling Performance
A. Boubekri, J. Beltaief*, H. Tagougui, R. Ghali
Modeling and Evaluation of the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Meloussi Formation in the Southern Zone of the Gulf of Gabes -Tunisia
R. Znazen*
New Approach Used to Identify the Reservoir Potential and Fluid Contacts
T. Sabri Duzan*, A. M. Elfituri
Geo-Mechanical Well Bore Stability for Carbonate Reservoir, South-East Sirte Basin-Libya (Case Study)
T. Sabri Duzan*, N. Radwan, H. Abulashnab
Application of Gas While Drilling in Fluid Detection and Perforation Strategy in Jurassic Reservoirs (New Fields, West Kuwait)
M. Jumah* , K. L. Nguyen
Energy Transition
Journey from National Oil Company to National Energy Company - Tunisia
H. Belghaji*, A. Khammassi
AI Technologies
Prediction of S-Wave Velocity Using Machine Learning Algorithms Combined with Empirical Mode Decomposition-Based Approaches
S. Gaci*, M. Farfour