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  • Carthage Ballroom
  • Salambo
  • Eddyafa
Sedimentary Systems
Session Chairs: Fadi Nader & Fares Khemiri
08:30-09:00 Some Insights from Hydrocarbon Exploration on the Geodynamics of the NE Mediterranean
L. Montadert*, S. Nicolaides, S. Arsenikos
09:00-09:30 Seismo-Stratigraphy of Deep Messinian Incisions in the North West Sector of the Sicily Channel and North East Tunisian Offshore
E. Meftah*, O. E. Eruteya, A. Moscariello
09:30-10:00 Source to Sink in Reservoir Prediction: Integrating Provenance Data and Machine Learning to Predict Reservoir Distribution
J. L. Kennedy*, J. Redfern, S. Schröder, J. Argent
10:00-10:30 Inauguration of Exhibition & Coffee Break
Panel Session
10.30-12:00 Countries Forum: Legal, Contracts and Costs
Moderator: Rachid Ben Daly, Energy Tunisia
12:00-13:30 Lunch
Basin Architecture of the Mediterranean
Session Chairs: Pierre-Olivier Bruna & Ahmed Dahech
13:30-14:00 Genesis and Evolution of Continental Shelf in Egadi Islands (Central Mediterranean Sea) During Quaternary
A. Moscariello, M. Agate*, A. Sulli
14:00-14:30 Identifying Local vs. Regional Drainage Networks within the Moroccan Triassic: Implications for Reservoir Quality and Distribution within the Tag-i Play
J. L. Kennedy*, J. Redfern, S. Schröder
14:30-15:00 Post-Rift Exhumation, Subsidence and Sandstone Deposition along the Mauritania-Senegal Continental Margin
G. Bertotti, R. Charton*, M. Gouiza, J. Redfern
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break & Posters
Regional Geological Models in the Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
Session Chairs: Ahmed Nasri & Mohamed Hedi Acheche
15:30-16:00 Integrated Study of Late Palaeozoic to Mesozoic Stratigraphy, Tunisia
C. Tansell*, A. Nasiri, K. Wadkins, M. McConnell, G. Cantarella, R. McCabe, B. Fairey
16:00-16:30 A New Permo-Triassic Tectono-Sedimentary Model for Northern Africa: Challenging the Prevailing Models
P. O. Bruna*, R. Dixon, G. Bertotti, J. L. Kennedy, J. Redfern
16:30-17:00 Exploration Potential of the Cretaceous Play in Oudhref Block, Pelagian Basin, Offshore Tunisia
W. Boudegga*, I B. Taher, F. Lansari
Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation in Tunisia
Session Chairs: Andrea Moscariello & Pierre Olivier-Bruna
08:30-09:00 A New Insight on the Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Northern Tunisia
H. Troudi*, A. Guizani, M. Harzali
09:00-09:30 Tectono-Sedimentary Evolution and Development of the Chotts Basin (Tunisia): A Multi-Disciplinary and Integrated Approach to Evaluate Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
A. Nasri*, J. English, S. Ouahchi, M. V. Rees, A. Guizani
09:30-10:00 Extending Field Life: A Case Study from the BBT Field, Tunisia
M. Jakubowski*, L. Fourati, H. Ghariani, H. Tagougui, M. Sofield, J. Curran, S. O'Brien
10:00-10:30 Inauguration of Exhibition & Coffee Break
East Mediterranean Hydrocarbon Potential
Session Chairs: Mohamed Soussi & Giuseppe Cantarella
10.30-11:00 Understanding the Evolution of Sedimentary Basins as Rock-Fluid Systems through Integrated Geological Modeling: The Case of the Levant Basin (East-Mediterranean Region)
F. H. Nader*
11.00-11.30 Carbonate Reservoirs of the Mediterranean: A Review and Classification
P. R. Shiner*, C. Ricci, G. Rusciadelli
11.30-12:00 Evolution of the Nile River Since 70 Ma: Implications on the Source-to-Sink Systems
I. Setiawan*, F. Guillocheau, C. Robin, J. Braun
12:00-13:30 Lunch
Well and Regional Data for Hydrocarbon Evaluation
Session Chairs: Martin Jakubowski & Salah El-Ekhfifi
13:30-14:00 Prediction of S-Wave Velocity Using Machine Learning Algorithms Combined with Empirical Mode Decomposition-Based Approaches
S. Gaci*, M. Farfour
14:00-14:30 An Integration Geological Data with High Resolution Logs Technology to Improve Geological Model for Libyan Sandstone Reservoirs
T. S. Duzan*
14:30-15:00 Overview on the Different Development Techniques in the Tight Ordovician Sandstones of Bir Ben Tartar Field: Vertical vs. Horizontal Wells and Mono or Multi-Frack Stages
H. Tagougui*, J. Beltaief, A. Abdelkefi
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break & Posters
Digital Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry
Session Chairs: Chahine Bahri & Jamila Fares
15:30-16:00 Digital Transformation and Remote Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry, Nawara as Example
A. Hammouda*, N. Manojlovic
16:00-16:30 Predicting Near Misses with Low Signal HSE Data
A. Cowie*, M. Eldred, J. Thatcher, A. Rehman, C. Sonne-Schmidt
16:30-17:00 Tunisia Oil and Gas Infrastructures
N. Hedhli*
Salt Related Plays
Session Chairs: Mohamed Hedi Acheche &
08:30-09:00 Constraining Salt Diapirs Rise Rates: New Insights from the Pelagian Platform (Northern Tunisia)
T. Cavailhes, A. B. Khala*, S. Monstad, R. Karpuz, N. Bang
09:00-09:30 The Role of Pre-Orogenic Faulting and Salt Diapirism on Atlassic Deformation in South Tunisia: Combining Balanced and Restored Cross-Sections with Gravity Modeling
M. Gharbi*, H. Gabtni, D. Boote, M. Soua, H. Mouakhar
09:30-10:00 Evidence of Subsurface Salt and its Influence on Reservoir Structures, Gabes-Tripoli Basin, Western Offshore, Libya
N. Khalifa*, S. Back
10:00-10:30 Inauguration of Exhibition & Coffee Break
Advances in QHSE Processes and Monitoring
Session Chairs: Ali Gaaya & Martin Jakubowski
10.30-11:00 Integration of the QHSE Management System in the Life of Oil and Gas Wells
B. I. Dieye*
11.00-11.30 Application of "Chronic Unease" to Improve Drilling Quality
G. Gattouch*
11.30-12:00 Foraminifers as Monitoring Tool for Sea Water Pollution at Hariga Harbor in Tobruk, NE Libya
S. El Ekhfifi*, E. O Abdulsamad, M. F El Hassi, M. Masoud, A. Muftah
12:00-13:30 Lunch