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Tunisian National Oil Company » (ETAP), the national oil company, was created by Law n° 72-22 of 10th March 1972 in order to increase control and actively and directly participate in all hydrocarbons related operations.

Contact: El Kods El Chahtour

Compagnie Tunisienne de Forage (CTF)

The Tunisian Drilling Company, "CTF", was created on October 1, 1981 with the aim of providing the energy sector in Tunisia with a national tool in the field of drilling and maintenance of oil wells. The CTF has, since its creation, played a leading role in the development of oil exploration and development activities in Tunisia, thus becoming part of the country's strategic choices in this area.

The CTF is committed to:

  • Develop its means in Onshore or Offshore for drilling or workover.
  • Acquire and master the advanced techniques of oil drilling.
  • Comply with the requirements of the trade, particularly in terms of safety.
  • Maintain and increase customer satisfaction through the presentation of a comprehensive service.

Thanks to this way of doing things, to its aggressive commercial policy, to its great mastery of modern drilling techniques and to the accumulated experience of its technicians, the CTF can consider itself today as a partner of choice for oil operators.

Contact: Salem Arfaoui


INOVA Geophysical was formed in March 2010 when BGP Inc. and ION Geophysical Corporation each contributed land seismic equipment assets to a new and independent joint venture company. INOVA aspires to become THE land seismic technology company of the 21st century by developing rugged and reliable seismic instruments that enable geophysical service providers to efficiently design and execute complex seismic acquisition programs on behalf of their E&P customers around the world.

Contact: Kate Fisher


Perenco is Europe's first independent oil and gas company, with a worldwide portfolio of assets resulting from a unique know-how in the operation of mature fields and from an ambitious acquisition strategy. Since Perenco was founded by Hubert Perrodo in 1975, the company has diversified to become the leading independent oil and gas company in Europe today. The company produces 490,000 boepd through its drilling, development and operations, thanks to its onshore and offshore presence in 14 countries.

Contact: Thouraya Ben Jazia or Clement Bourret

Troika International

Troika is a world-leading provider of seismic data management software, consultancy, and services.

We have developed a customisable suite of software to discover, analyse, prepare, and condition your datasets for computation and analytics.

Our software can improve the quality and efficient use of your data, maximising the value of your seismic libraries.

Using targeted workflows to populate and QC your data to meet the highest standards required by geoscientists.

Troika enables competitive advantage by helping to future-proof seismic libraries and facilitating faster access to the right data.

Contact us to realise the true value of your seismic data.

Contact: Jill Lewis


AGIL, trade name of the National Compagny of Oil Distribution, is the country's major downstream oil marketing and distribution operator. It controls over than 37% of market shares of fuel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Thanks to the variety and development of its activities of fuel, gas, lubricants, kerosene and marine products, AGIL has reached the leading position in the national petroleum market.

With over than 275 service and port fueling stations covering the hole national territory, its wide range of products and its logistic and technical means, AGIL is considered the public commercial company par excellence.

AGIL owns the largest storage capacity and markets bottled LPG for demestic use, LPG in bulk for industrial use as well as the LPG fuel in their service stations.

Contact: Faten Karoui

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Contact: Fawas Mourad
Contact: Abeer Zubaidi
Contact: Raymond Cahill