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Crossover from Hydrocarbon to Geothermal - How can we Make it Happen?

Monday, 12 September 2022, 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.  |  Tunis, Tunisia

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Who Should Attend

The course is designed to be accessible to government employees, energy professionals and students from a broad variety of discipline. Basic background knowledge in geoscience and petroleum geology will be an advantage to take best advantage of this course.


This 1-days training course aim to provide the basin knowledge of geothermal systems and help the broader geoscience community, new to the geothermal energy discipline to understand the basic principles the similarities and differences between petroleum and geothermal systems, the opportunities, uncertainties and challenges spanning from the geology to the drilling and completion engineering to the supply and end-user perspective.

Ultimately this short course aims at providing a first in-depth introduction to the geothermal energy systems demonstrating how the effective transfer of knowledge, expertise, technology, tools and workflows from the oil and gas industry to the geothermal industry is key to accelerate the take-off of geothermal energy development. However, important differences exist when considering the key subsurface parameters controlling fluid-flow, some drilling and completion engineering details and economic aspects which require adaptable innovative, smart and cost-efficient solutions.

Course Content

Geothermal energy in all possible temperature ranges, can play a key role in the journey toward a greener energy world. Yet, several uncertainties on its profitability and the establishment of viable (social) business models are hindering the large-scale development of this alternative source of energy, especially in areas located in sedimentary basins where geothermal gradients/heat flows are not as favorable as in magmatic areas.

The course offers a balanced mix of lectures and hands-on on-paper exercises.

Course Content
  • Introduction: Geothermal energy a world overview
    • Geothermal energy: Basin principle and usage heat and power
  • Compare and contrast geothermal vs petroleum systems
  • Geothermal play elements & and geothermal plays
    • Geothermal play analysis (with exercise)
    • Geothermal exploration: how different it is from the O&G industry?
  • Geothermal energy development planning: the source to sink approach – 1
    • The ‘source’: types and diversity of energy from high enthalpy and medium enthalpy (case studies)
  • Geothermal energy development planning: the source to sink approach - 2
    • The ‘sink’: types and diversity of energy end-users and impact on geothermal exploration strategy
  • Drilling and completion strategies: compare and contrast to O&G
  • Business models for geothermal economics: basic principles
  • Market vs. social perception vs. risks and uncertainties acceptability and mitigation strategies
    • Hands-on exercise of real exploration and development cases
  • Opportunities and challenges for geothermal development in the MEDINA region


Room Assignment
Laico Tunis Spa and Conference Center
Booking Deadline:
15 August
Attendee Limit:
Minimum 10 / Maximum 15 participants
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation deadline is 14 August 2022. Cancellations received on or before the 14th August 2022 will be charged $100. Cancellations received after the 14th August will be charged the full amount.


Crossover from Hydrocarbon to Geothermal - How can we Make it Happen?
Laico Tunis Spa and Conference Center
Mohamed V Avenue, Human Rights Square
Tunis, Tunis 1001


Yasin Makhloufi Yasin Makhloufi 2022-2022 University of Geneva, Switzerland
Yasin holds a PhD in Geology and has 10+ years experience in geothermal energy exploration and CCS projects. He has a strong academic background with research projects focused on the characterization of carbonate reservoirs and has been teaching since 2010 in various universities and engineering schools. After he moved to Switzerland in 2016, Yasin joined The University of Geneva, working within the Geothermal Energy Project and was in charge of sedimentological and diagenetical appraisal of carbonate reservoirs targeted for geothermal exploration. Since 2018 he is the co-founder of Geneva Earth Resources SA based in Geneva. A service and advising company in the energy sector supporting hydrocarbon and geo-energy renewable projects from conception to execution. He is managing geothermal energy exploration projects both in Switzerland and abroad.
Andrea  Moscariello Andrea Moscariello 2022-2022 University of Geneva, Switzerland
Andrea holds a PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Geneva where he was later appointed Full Professor and Head of the Geo-Energy / Reservoir Geology and Basin Analysis Group after 18 years at Shell in International E&P and later SGS upstream services. During those years, Andrea had several roles starting from well site and production geologist, global expert of clastic reservoirs to up to executive management positions. Since his appointment at the University of Geneva, Andrea has built a large multidisciplinary group working on a variety of aspects of sedimentary basins at different scales ranging from regional geophysical exploration to pore-scale characterisation. His group works on several national and international projects addressing both fundamental and applied research topics in close relationship with the Energy industry spanning from hydrocarbon, geothermal and CCS. Andrea holds positions on the board of consultancy firms in Europe and Africa and he is an active member of the executive committee of the AAPG Europe Region, Swiss Association of Energy Geoscientists, the Geneva Energy Forum and he is member of the Research Committee of the EAGE.