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Data Management and Digital Transformation

Wednesday, 14 September 2022, 3:30 p.m.–5:00 p.m.  |  Tunis, Tunisia

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The Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, changing the way of operating and delivering value to customers.

Today, digital transformation presents massive potential for oil and gas companies as it provides businesses with real-time information and greater visibility into operations, particularly when it comes to the performance of people and assets.

In the digital transformation journey, data is considered a very valuable asset. Unlocking its potential through advanced management and analytics technologies is key to improve efficiency in decision making and productivity. This also provides more visibility, critical insight, and real-time information on assets and operations.

In the oil and gas business, companies are generating large volumes of data. This then is consumed by humans and machines in a connected world where the machines (things) are dominating the biggest part of the supply chain.

However, the digital transformation journey can be slowed down or even fail if the data management challenges are not tackled efficiently. Data in silos, unstructured data landscape, poor quality, and the absence of data governance are the major obstacle towards a successful transformation.

A good data strategy is key to deliver the right insights and actionable information at the right time. Besides of the right purpose the data consumer (human or machine) must receive such service in a secure manner.

This session will explore the need for emerging technologies to transform the oil and gas business and will also emphasize how state-of-the-art data management is a key enabler for a successful digital transformation.

Real-life examples of data management and digital transformation will be illustrated as well.


Markus Berghofer


Sylvain Le Tourneur, Sub-Surface Digital BDM & Digital Transformation Manager, Schlumberger

Sylvain Le Tourneur belongs to Schlumberger North Africa Team, as the Digital Transformation business owner (Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Chad, Niger, Malta, Mali). He is working in Algeria since 2009, starting his engagement as Service delivery manager in Hassi-Messaoud and then moved to Business development role for the entire North Africa geomarket.

Sylvain Le Tourneur is a Geologist and start working as consultant (Shell, Total, ENI, …), then he joined Schlumberger in 2007 and over the next 15 years, held positions of increasing responsibility, led solutions design, implementation and consultation projects in Geosciences and Reservoir domains (FDP, Exploration Portfolio management, …). He is now focusing on providing solution using Cloud computing and digital solutions including AI and Machine learning.

Sylvain Le Tourneur works with Schlumberger head quarter and senior staff to develop strategic and business plans, to support client challenges and formulate Fit for Purpose solutions and projects.

Jill Lewis, Managing Director and CEO, Troika International Ltd.

Voluntary post – Past Chair for the Technical Standards of the SEG having led the team that bought about the ratification of SEGY Rev 1, SEGD 2.1, SEGD 3 and SEGD 3.1 and SEG-Y_2 all of which are now in use.

As Managing Director and CEO of Troika International Ltd, she has been able to drive a new approach to data management supplying the industry with the systems to automate contract and format compliance. With over 6,500 licenses deployed worldwide via SeisSpace front-end and the ability to QC over many terabytes of data per 24 hours this technology is now part of the fabric of Data Management Worldwide.

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Room Assignment:
Laico Tunis Spa and Conference Center


Data Management and Digital Transformation
Laico Tunis Spa and Conference Center
Mohamed V Avenue, Human Rights Square
Tunis, Tunis 1001